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Are you a large energy user in the >200kWhr category?  Chances are you are receiving bills from your utiltiy company charging you for reactive power usage, that you don't actually use. What does that mean exactly?  In simple terms, your incoming electricity meter measures the efficiency of your electrical system and penalizes you for efficiency losses. One of the easiest way to fix that is Power Factor Correction.

Power factor is somewhat more complicated than that, but from a business owner’s perspective, it’s like having too much head in a beer.  If your power factor is 0.75, you’re using (and being charged for) 25% more energy than what you should.



The payback period on a power factor correction system is about 18 months. 

If you’re a large user, it’s far more cost effective to look at your energy problems as a whole, and therefore receive a greater return on investment.

EML can offer a direct design and installation service via our technical partners. We can analyze your power bill and determine a system to suit your needs. Offerings include a return on investment summary detailing the 18 month pay-back period, and a finance offering ensuring you’re cash flow positive from day one.

How do we reduce your overheads?

The first step is to undertake a brief energy audit of your business. This starts by taking a look at your power bill and requesting the ‘interval data’ from your utiltiy bill. We then determine what size of PFC unit will work for you.