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EMLOnline is our software as a service (SaaS) managed on an IoT platform designed for unified business solutions


Join the global leaders with technology of the future:  IoT Platform crafted for seamless energy and related business operations. Reduce downtime, pump up revenues and improve end user experience by deploying applications that are tailor made for business operations. Our digital energy service is the answer to your maintenance and operational woes of heavy industries, manufacturing, enterprise and service industries.


Stay connected to all your mission critical devices. Connect assets, people, processes and systems to derive value out of operations. Take your business to the next level with comprehensive asset management.


Capture real-time data from assets and mission critical devices, 24x7. Work with precision by gaining visibility into granular level operations of your business. Our IoT Platform enables seamless data acquistion, processing and analytics.


Get real - time data, right from asset performance to functioning of the connected enterprise at large. Turn data into actionable insights. Reports and timely insights help creating deeper understanding of asset utilization and operational costs involved.

Ready to Deploy Digital Solutions

  1. Power Monitoring
    • Generator Monitoring
    • Sub Metering
  2. Remote Monitoring
    • UPS Monitoring
    • Environment Monitoring
    • Building Automation
    • Water Installations
  3. Asset Monitoring
    • Industrial Equipment Monitoring
    • Fleet Management

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