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Fluke Connect™ software collects, stores and makes viewable machine data from more than 80 Fluke tools and sensors. Measurements can now be stored in the cloud, where teams can always access the data on their smart device or computer. Whether your maintenance and reliability team is gathering data from condition monitoring sensors or from portable test tools, they now have all the data they need to make critical decisions and complete necessary jobs.



Get more from your tools with Fluke Connect

Taking live readings on-the-go  

Decrease time-consuming, routine rounds by installing remote sensors that upload data to the cloud. No more clipboards, discrepancies or data silos; just easily-accessible asset data on your smart device.

Trending and graphing data

Fluke Connect Condition Monitoring™ software allows teams view asset trends on graphs from connected condition monitoring devices. Personnel can complete data analysis, providing teams with insights they use to predict asset condition and avoid downtime.

Receiving alarms from anywhere

Knowing when assets go down helps maintenance teams quickly assess and address problems. Fluke Connect sends alarms to smart devices when assets deviate from pre-set thresholds, including data leading up to the alarm.


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