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Power Backup Systems

What you get:

Energy Storage (50% DOD); - 2.4 - 24kWh

Backup Time;                           4-12hrs

Power Backup systems range is designed to provide uninterrupted access to power at an affordable price. The systems have in-built artificial intelligence to to provide DC energy from the battery bank when utility is off. 


  • Uninterrupted power supply, green environmental protection, no pollution.
  • Inverter is a smart inverter that has controlling and inverting functions, with high efficiency, coordination, good compatibility, reliability and simple construction. Installation is quite simple.
  • Multiple functions and can switching mode while working.
  • High efficiency and long life.

Energy Storage is dependant on the size of the battery bank, and this package provides the minimum but can be increased depending on customer needs.

Recommended Loads 

  • Lights 
  • TV and Decoder
  • Computers
  • Phone Charging 
  • fridges 
  • and more....