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Elmeasure LG5310 Multifunction Meter

UGX 3,343,000
  • Description
  • Specifications

Salient Features

  •  Easy navigation
  •  Event recording with time stamp (all basic & power parameters)
  •  Unbalance load and voltage with calculated neutral current
  •  Dynamic communication
  •  Optional digital output for all basic and power parameters


  •  Monitoring Electrical Parameters
  •  Control / protection
  •  In control panel to measure different electrical loads
  •  Generator & control panels

Features :

Accuracy Class 1.0 (default) as per IEC 62053-21, Class 0.5 as per IEC 62053-22 (Optional). True RMS measurement. Simultaneous sampling of Volts & Amps. Energy display programmable-counter based or resolution based. Energy resetting at 999999 kVAh* Transformer Ratio Positive energy accumulation even with CT polarity reversal, reverse lock programmable. User programmable password protection. Auto scrolling. Auto-scaling of Kilo, Mega, Giga and Decimal point. Low PT, CT burden. Front LED pulse 1250 imp/kWh of secondary input. Programmable PT, CT ratio upto 2000 MVA. Programmable kVAh (default kWh) for meters with Energy parameter. Wide Measurement range - 10mA - 6A. Clearance and Creepage distance meets safety standard. Finger touch proof terminals to voltage and current connections. Parameter name & value displaying using 7 seg LEDs. 6 digits display on each row for better readability. Available in LED (3 row, 2 row and 1 row), LCD, Dinrail (1 row). Field programmable Star (Wye) or Delta or Single phase configuration.