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What you get:

AC Output                             - 1000W

Energy Storage (50% DOD) - 1320Wh

Backup Time                         - 4hrs


Mual Power, MP PB1000 system range is designed to provide uninterrupted access to power at an affordable price. The system has an in-built artificial intelligence to to provide DC energy from the battery bank when utility is off. 


  • Uninterrupted power supply, green environmental protection, no pollution.
  • Inverter is a smart inverter that has controlling and inverting functions, with high efficiency, coordination, good compatibility, reliability and simple construction. Installation is quite simple.
  • Multiple functions and can switching mode while working.
  • High efficiency and long life.

Recommended Loads 

  • 8 Lights (10w each)
  • 1 TV and Decoder
  • 2 Laptops
  • 1 Stereo
  • 5 Phone Charging 

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