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Energy Monitoring

Our energy monitoring solutions monitor thousands of energy and water meters under a single console and derive useful information for logical reasoning and systematic decision making. Our solution is engineered for industrial, commercial & residential metering applications to provide better visibility, controlled consumption, enhanced productivity, improved efficiency and reduced operational costs.

As a general rule, something that is properly managed will run more efficiently and that leads to reduced consumption and lower business spend. 

Objectives and results

  • Establish historic consumption patterns
  • Compare current consumption with historical data/benchmarks
  • Set future targets
  • Compare actual consumption with targets
  • Identify trends in consumption


  • Understand usage patterns
  • Identify peak usage times
  • Identify high users or leaks
  • Early identification of energy wasting
  • Introduce energy efficiency measures and obtain funding for them
  • Keep track of your utility supplier, asset and site data

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