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About Us

EML Industrial legally registered as Energy Monitoring Ltd  is an energy and industrial services company. The company specializes in the sales and value add of electrical and industrial instruments, digital and energy saving products. We carry over 15 top brand lines either as manufacturer’s representative or distributor. Additionally, we also service and calibrate the majority of the products we sell.

Our main office is located in Kampala with affiliated locations in other regional markets.

We have recognized that our task is not to simply represent manufacturers. Product selling remains important, but we realize that our customers are purchasing "solutions" and not just hardware or software. Therefore, if we are to provide these solutions, it was imperative that we participate in a much broader scope of activities. EML is pleased to provide; application assistance, training, on-site installation, calibration and repair services, and local stock to meet critical delivery situations



EML was founded in Uganda in 2012 to function as a sales representative. Since that time, we have continued to operate as a sales agency, and have broadened our services by expansion. Throughout this period, we have not lost sight of our vision to be a leader in the market of measurement, control and saving.



To provide high quality supplies and systems integration in the energy and industrial sector using a highly skilled team.



To be a recognized energy service company in the region.



1. Integrity

2. Team Work

3. Customer Satisfaction 

4. Continous Improvement